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They call me Smellen. I like things.


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Bout to see Dear White People. So excited!

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The urge to have a girlfriend is always present. I could be happy with the woman in a way I would never be happy with a man. Only if a man has unlearned certain social patterns, I could be happy with him. With a woman, I wouldn’t have to worry about the little things that prick like needles in the back of my head. Even for someone who is decidedly indifferent to men and their opinions most of the time, I worry quietly sometimes too. I’m human after all. And being human means being vulnerable, even when you don’t want to be.

Being with a woman would mean that I could tell her my worries in a way I would not tell a man. With a man, I am still me but defensively. With a woman, I would be me without a hundred iron walls up.

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Maybe it’s a genetic thing or something else but I rarely experience any kind of pain during or after or before my period. I never get cramps. I only get a very short and strong migraine and then I know it’s my time. But other than that, nothing. I’m like that annoying ass girl from Always commercials who plays football and runs around during those days. That’s me.

i am so happy for you. not like, sarcastically happy either. i would never wish this hell on anyone else.

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